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(a) FACILITATION OF INDIAN CONTROL- It shall be the policy of the United States acting through the Secretary, in carrying out the functions of the Bureau, to facilitate Indian control of Indian affairs in all matters relating to education.

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(1) IN GENERAL- All actions under this Act shall be done with active consultation with tribes. The United States acting through the Secretary and tribes shall work in a government-to-government relationship to ensure quality education for all tribal members.

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(A) DEFINITION OF CONSULTATION- In this subsection, the term consultation means a process involving the open discussion and joint deliberation of all options with respect to potential issues or changes between the Bureau and all interested parties.

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(B) DISCUSSION AND JOINT DELIBERATION- During discussions and joint deliberations, interested parties (including tribes and school officials) shall be given an opportunity —

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(i) to present issues (including proposals regarding changes in current practices or programs) that will be considered for future action by the Secretary; and

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(ii) to participate and discuss the options presented, or to present alternatives, with the views and concerns of the interested parties given effect unless the Secretary determines, from information available from or presented by the interested parties during one or more of the discussions and deliberations, that there is a substantial reason for another course of action.

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(C) EXPLANATION BY SECRETARY- The Secretary shall submit to any Member of Congress, within 18 days of the receipt of a written request by such Member, a written explanation of any decision made by the Secretary which is not consistent with the views of the interested parties described in subparagraph (B).