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(a) IN GENERAL- Not later than 12 months after the date of enactment of the Native American Education Improvement Act of 2001, the Secretary shall update the computerized management information system within the Office. The information to be updated shall include information regarding —

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(1) student enrollment;
(2) curricula;
(3) staffing;
(4) facilities;
(5) community demographics;
(6) student assessment information;
(7) information on the administrative and program costs attributable to each Bureau program, divided into discrete elements;
(8) relevant reports;
(9) personnel records;
(10) finance and payroll; and
(11) such other items as the Secretary determines to be appropriate.

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(b) IMPLEMENTATION OF SYSTEM- Not later than July 1, 2003, the Secretary shall complete the implementation of the updated computerized management information system at each Bureau field office and Bureau-funded school.